Alamere Falls: Take 3

Dates hiked: 8/4/2012, 4/13/2013, and 4/12/2014
Distance: 8 miles out-and-back
Difficulty: easy to moderate (except for a difficult but short cliff-side climb at the end)
Best Season: Spring and Summer (spring for wildflowers and larger falls; summer for enjoying the lake)
Pro tip: There is one narrow stretch of about a quarter mile that has some poison oak growth. It’s not terribly overwhelming, but long pants and a jacket (or long sleeves) are recommended just in case.

Hi, friends! After a long hiatus, Hikology returns with our third journey to the beautiful Alamere Falls. (We’ve been on a handful of hikes in the past few months that I’ll catch up on in the future).

Our merry crew has been down this beautiful trail twice before, and it has never failed to disappoint us with its beautiful coastline scenery, wildflowers, and two kick-ass points of interest: Bass Lake, a secluded lake featuring a giant rope swing, and Alamere Falls, a tidal waterfall at the end of the trail, spilling straight into the ocean.

Here are a few shots (taken by Paul, of course) from our past trips:

The northern California coast, friends. Doesn’t get much better than this:

Fact: Jarrett is a fan of both hiking poles AND wildflowers!

Jarrett Wildflowers

It’s BECCA! In case you haven’t heard, Becca will be leaving the Bay Area this coming August to start her next adventure in London, pursuing a Masters in Public Administration at the London School of Economics. We’ll miss you, Bex!
Bex and Jars

The epic Bass Lake rope swing, featuring CHRIS!
Stosh Rope Swing


Because our first two trips were so fantastic, we knew we’d return again with those who hadn’t gotten to enjoy this awesome trail yet. Spearheaded by James, our sunset, moonlight hike to Alamere Falls had been planned about one month ago, based around a weekend with the fullest moon. We planned to hike the four miles out to Alamere Falls, enjoy dinner, wine, and a beautiful sunset, then hike back to the trailhead under light of the full moon and a sky full of stars. Unfortunately, Karl the Fog rudely inserted himself into our excursion and pretty much blocked out any direct solar and lunar luminescence. Not to worry! We had a lot of new people on the hike with us, and it was a fantastic time, and our headlamps guided us back to the trailhead unscathed.

Some shots from this past trip:

Dylan’s first trip to Alamere Falls!
Dylan Alamere

At the end of the trail, there are two steep cliff sides that require nimble feet and goat-like abilities to navigate. After the first cliffside, you see Upper Alamere falls. This is a long exposure taken by Paul — so gorgeous.
Upper Alamere

Cliff side number two! We did it!
Cliffside Climb

Becca and me, enjoying watching Jarrett’s many attempts to cross the tidal stream.
Bex and Tanya

The crew! If I get the chance, I never fail to embarrass my friends by asking strangers to take a quick shot of us. They’re always embarrassed, but I contend that it’s worth it. Proof? Checkout the photo below! I’m going to frame it 😀
Hiking Club at Lower Alamere

After frolicking around the falls, we reconvened near upper Alamere to enjoy our dinner and wine. Needless to say, the sunset we were hoping to see was not at all visible, but it was fantastic having the entire beach to ourselves!

Alamere Dinner

Until next time, friends.