About Me

I’m a Cal alum, originally from San Diego, currently living in Oakland, and enjoying all that the Bay Area has to offer. This means, I appreciate food (a lot), spend a fair amount of time outdoors, consume a (mostly) healthy amount of pop culture, and relax by spending time with friends, working on my yoga practice, and hiking, of course. I’m an introvert working on ambivert- ness who loves to meet new people as much as I love to sit on the couch and binge-watch Orange Is the New Black. In other words, I’m pretty much your average, Californian, twenty-something — surprise!


Palomarin View

Hikology the blog began a few months after a group of friends and I started hiking regularly each weekend. Because we have so much fun on these excursions and because my family, friends, and coworkers started asking a lot about them, I decided to document them for the good of posterity. Actually, I decided to document them so my little network could easily access the information they were constantly asking me about. Nothing glamorous there!

Since Al Gore invented the internet (ha ha), there are tons of sites you can poke around to find great hikes, but Hikology is different and not meant to compete with them. On Hikology, you’ll find personal accounts and opinions of my rag-tag band of Cal Bears’ hiking trials, tribulations, and triumphs. We’ll let you know the best and worst of each hike and share our laughs along the way. So join us on our adventures!

Happy hiking and namaste!


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